Time to Crush, not flatten, Coronavirus Curve

All over Planet Earth infectious disease experts and scientists everywhere are intensely, even ‘feverishly’, chasing one rainbow after another, looking for that magical ‘silver bullet’ that finally will end the horrors of the 21st Century’s COVID-19 nightmare that, if unabated, could end up becoming a re-run of the 1918-1919 so-called ‘Spanish Flu” Pandemic that lasted one-and-a-half years and killed some 50 million human beings before disappearing, as magically as it came, before ever a vaccine was found that never was.


In the meantime, governments, desperately hoping to stave off history repeating itself, continue to appeal to the common sense of their citizenry’s desire for self-preservation and natural native intelligence to ensure its own survival by everyone doing their bit, however small and insignificant, to not just flatten the curve but utterly Crush the Curve of this dreaded new pandemic’s ability to rapidly infect whole populations, globally. But this can and only will come about with the 100% cooperation of governments and the citizenry working in harmonious tandem to put the welfare of all ahead of the Meism of self with governments and the citizenry working in harmonious tandem.

But the world’s general self-awareness or unawareness of its responsibilities to the great whole hasn’t thus far yet reached the same level of resolve to crush the curve in the way New Zealand, Australia, South Korea and Singapore, with authoritative rather than authoritarian rule, so far have amply demonstrated the necessary unified resolve, now needed by every citizen of the world to show one another the same personal commitment required to crush the infectious curve of the virus within their midst with the same dramatic and emphatic results New Zealanders, Australians, South Koreans and Singaporean’s can already look to with such great national pride.


Humanity’s basic Human Nature seems to avoid or fears changing whatever previously adopted principles or beliefs to which it previously subscribed. It is one of the greatest, most repetitive foibles of every human being and remains one of the most insidious aspects of every society and culture on earth. Commonly every human being wants to believe that their individual and collective status as a member of the species is the result of positive learned wisdoms and sound decisions willingly made, rather than as a result of the malignant behavior of others that need not so readily be changed. Generally avoided are whatever self-evident truths or obvious facts or events that either clash or counter their own beliefs to prolong whatever illusions of life

Nowhere is this flawed aspect of human nature more clearly manifested than by the diametrically different or opposed reactions by human beings to the COVID-19 pandemic and whatever the most skilled and knowledgeable infectious disease specialists and public health experts who are currently attempting to tell their citizenry what needs to be done to resolutely address the COVID-19 head-on, face it down and beat it at its own game.


Yet the issues dredged up by the COVID-19 Pandemic is instead a bewildering and baffling counterpoint of arguments, often driven by inane Instagram and Tweeter memes with flashy patriotic or ideological, emotion-laden arguments between pro and anti face mask advocates. One side believes it is tantamount to a murderous or fascist plot and the other side convinced it is one of the only things that will help to prevent the virus from spreading by capturing the potentially-lethal droplets from being transmitted by humans who are either asymptomatically infected or are in a pre-symptomatic stage of the infection; when, as medical science knows full well, can be transmitted when even the infected human themselves have no obvious or overt symptoms.

But all over the world, and especially in North America, and especially again in the United States, various asinine, idiotic stances currently continue to be taken by many more than just a few citizens, bureaucrats, public officials and corporate CEO’s whose collective actions are doing the opposite of facing down the COVID-19 menace and instead of taking steps to utterly crunch the virus are, through acts of denial or avoidance, unable to arrive at final clear-headed solutions. These naysayers seem not to believe or deny the very real possibility that another 50 million human beings, including their own family and themselves, could ultimately succumb. Yet they use every reason under the sun why they need not to wear a mask, practice safe social distancing, repeatedly wash their hands or only associate with a select few friends until the danger has passed.


Call these naysayer’s what you will: anarchists, obstructionists, right-wingers, libertarians, pro-lifers, religious fundamentalists, anti-maskers, anti-vaccine proponents, Trump-nutters or government-conspiratorial-flat-earther-global warming-lunar-landing dis-believers of one lunatic persuasion or another. They’re the same ones who will argue for the innate freedom of choice in all things that includes the ridiculous right to drive through busy intersections without the impediment of any traffic light controls that unduly limits and restricts their movements.

As the COVID-19 global pandemic intensifies one sees a growing flurry of placards that continue to manifest at anti-COVID restriction protests throughout North America, in such disparate places as: Montreal, Quebec; Toronto, Ontario; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Vancouver. B.C.; Santa Monica, California; Seattle, Washington; Las Vegas, Nevada; Indianapolis, Ohio; Boise, Idaho; Scottsdale, Arizona, and; Dade County, Florida.

At each protest scores of hand-made placards range across a wide spectrum of ideological perspectives. For instance, now that the giant marketing corporation Walmart now requires all customers entering their stores to wear masks, protestors, now parade before its entrance with placards of those who object, “I will not be masked, tested or tracked”. While placards in other places in North America declare “Forcing Me to Wear a Mask is part of a Global Conspiracy Funded by Bill Gates”. Still other hand made placards put forth the argument, “My Body, My Choice, My Immune System!”, as other Flag-waving protestors demonstrate against anything to do with big government, while commonly holding aloft signs that variously beg: “Protect Our Children”; “We the People Will Not Submit to Tyranny”; “Let Me Breathe Freely in the Land of the Free & Home of the Brave”. Other citizens, more concerned about issues of free speech and religious freedom than contributing to the massive COVID-19 infections and its mounting daily body counts, otherwise display signs on their makeshift masks that variously declare “Slaves Wear Masks”, “Obey! Conform!” or boldly defy, “#Muzzle Me Not”; “My Choice Not Yours!”; “Hugs Over Masks!”; This is a Mind Control Device!”; “It’s All About Mind Control Not Health!”; “Fear is the Real Virus!”; “I Will Not Wear Someone Else’s Fears”, and; “No Vaccines! No WHO Controls!”, while single-minded Free School advocates display their own signs that demand, “Open Schools! No Restrictions!” No Mask for Our Kids! No Social Distancing!” In Florida, one anti-mask restaurant owner even proudly declared she would not require customers to wear a mask, even as Florida’s officials were reporting more than 15,000 new COVID cases in just 24 hours.


Yet many more others, for sure, are doing exactly what must be done to absolutely crush the pandemic curve of the COVID-19 by simply practicing the tried and true preventative health practices of simply: wearing a protective face mask; washing one’s hands repeatedly over the course of the day; maintaining safe social distancing around others; limit exposure as much as possible to any large social gathering, especially among those who are strangers; maintain a diet of healthy anti-COVID-19 foods and supportive regimen of vitamins, supplements and relaxing, meditative techniques.

Saner heads among Canadian and U.S. governments and private corporate interests instead are prevailing and taking heed of their experts in infectious diseases directives about wearing protective face masks, who contend wearing face masks not only slows the spread of the virus but rather than just “bend the curve” can crush the coronavirus so long as everyone complies.

Canadian government officials and corporations in Quebec also are aggressively taking their own steps in this direction. essentially saying to the naysayer’s, “We’ll be happy to debate the efficacy of wearing a mask with you once the pandemic is over. But, in the meantime, as of July 18th, PPE masks in Quebec are now mandatory in all indoor public spaces within the province.” The authorities there accept the fact that in order to take positive steps to end the Pandemic it is critically important that they mandate, not request, not advise, not recommend a PPE mask be worn in every enclosed, indoor public space, public transport, train or plane. It is considered simply a MUST to which every responsible, considerate human being must comply. No wiggle room in Toronto, Ontario either where a bylaw has now been passed that requires everyone to wear masks in all public places and on public transit!

By contrast, B.C.’s provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry, in spite of its province’s recent worrisome increase in COVID cases, that could signal what some fear could now become one of Canada’s new dangerous hot spots of a much more feared exponential spread of a ‘Second Wave’ of the COVID has other thoughts about it. Doctor Henry has more timidly approached the issue and has yet to mandate the wearing of face masks on all public transport, trains and planes and indoor public spaces.

The corporate and business world are gearing up, as well, on their own to assume their responsibilities in addressing COVID-19. Large and small businesses are more and more posting on their front doors signs that read, “No Mask! No Entry!”, while other retail venue’s use a spin-off from the old hippy days of the 1960’s that declare, “No Shirt! No Shoes! No Mask! No Service.”

Among North America’s many prominent retail and department stores, COSTCO has mandated wearing face masks while shopping in all their stores. KROGER stores, as of July22nd, will require all customers to wear face masks. RALPH’S stores now require one of its store associates to ask customers not wearing a face mask to return to their cars to find some appropriate type of face covering. As of July 20th, the SIERRA CLUB also requires shoppers to wear face coverings. A store associate will be at every entrance to remind customers of the requirement and if they don’t have one they can purchase a mask at their store counter. FRESH MARKETS, since April 14th, requires all customers, as well, to wear protective face masks. Whereas WALL MART, as of July 20th, also requires all shoppers to wear face mask while in all their stores. WHOLE FOODS MARKETS, as well, offers free disposable face masks.

WHOLE FOOD MARKET’S signature Canadian store in West Vancouver, British Columbia, however, that initially had a store associate greet each customer at the front entrance to personally offer the customer a face mask and hand sanitizer has apparently since changed its policy. The store associate that originally stood at the front entrance and offered customers a free face mask, no longer greets the customer at the front entrance and the free face masks have been removed from the front door to an unspecified place inside the market itself with no signage directing the customer to the face masks or hand sanitizers. Wearing a face mask while in Whole Foods Market is not mandatory, nor are customers who choose not to wear a face mask reminded either by a store associate or periodically by the market’s public address system that face masks are required to be worn.

However, more and more corporate and private commercial interests are gradually realizing that, in the long run it ultimately is in their own best interests in all ways, financially-politically-environmentally and humanistic-wise, to always put People & Health Before Profits & Meism. That, in the future, this should be the New World Order Way of Everything.

Jerome Irwin is a freelance writer and author of “The Wild Gentle Ones; A Turtle Island Odyssey” (www.turtle-island-odyssey.com), a three volume account of his travels as a spiritual sojourner, during the 1960’s, 70’s & 80’s, among Native American & First Nation peoples in North America. It encompasses the Indigenous Spiritual Renaissance & Liberation Movements that emerged throughout North America during the civil rights era. In addition to being a long-time political activist and organizer, Irwin has authored over the years a number of environmental, political, cultural, spiritual articles with special emphasis on Native Americans, First Nations, Australian aboriginals, native peoples of Israel, Gaza, Palestine and Syria and especially Black Americans where Irwin retired as a special education teacher at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Secondary where he worked with Black & Brown students from San Francisco’s Bayview and Hunter’s Point/Candlestick Park Districts. Irwin also is the publisher of The Wild Gentle Press.

1398 Hope Road, North Vancouver, B.C. Canada, V7P1W7 jerome_irwin@yahoo.com

(Photo credit: Niagara Falls Review).

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