Carolyn Hax: Should I warn her that her job is a scam?

DEAR CAROLYN: My sister has been selling for a multilevel marketing company for a few years now. It seems to be slightly better than some

Ask Amy: He was drunk, rowdy and unapologetic. Is this punishment too harsh?

DEAR AMY: My 21-year-old son goes to college in a neighboring state. He lives in an apartment with several friends. Columnist Amy Dickinson (Bill Hogan/Chicago

Problem Solved: Metropolitan Warehouse won’t pay up for damage

Q: Last year, I paid $1,500 for two Baker Furniture side tables from a business called The Local Vault. I contracted with Metropolitan Warehouse and

Ask Amy: She must have known her big surprise would hurt me

DEAR AMY: All my life, I have wanted to be a mother — more than anything else. Two years ago, I learned that the only

Travel Troubleshooter: Airline delay made us miss grandmother’s funeral

DEAR TRAVEL TROUBLESHOOTER: My family of four was scheduled to fly from Austin, Texas, to Quad City International Airport for my grandmother’s funeral in Moline,

Carolyn Hax: My wealthy stepmother treats me like a doormat

DEAR CAROLYN: My father’s wife (my mom is deceased) never lifts a finger to help, never offers to pitch in, cook or buy a meal,

Ask Amy: We’re exhausted by this little boy’s demands for gifts

DEAR AMY: My son is a sweet 8-year-old boy, who enjoys giving to others. He loves giving gifts and even enjoys giving to charity. Columnist

Ask Amy: Hotel guest finds do-not-disturb sign disturbing

DEAR AMY: I am currently staying in a hotel, and in order to prevent the cleaning staff from trying to come in during my midday

Carolyn Hax: They hate each other, and they’ll be at our wedding

DEAR CAROLYN: My fiance’s parents divorced around the time he and his siblings graduated from college, nearly a decade ago. Since the last one’s graduation,

Ask Amy: I said I wasn’t interested, then she showed up naked

DEAR AMY: I’ve been friends with “Sandra” for about a year now. Recently, she revealed to me that she is gay. I am totally supportive

Carolyn Hax: Will I regret not hearing my father’s side of the story?

DEAR CAROLYN: I’m 32, married with a great wife and a 2-year-old son, and my life is pretty good except for my so-called father. He

Ask Amy: I want them out of our life because of playdate unfairness

DEAR AMY: My husband and I have two children, ages 6 and 1. We are part of a group with three other couples who also

Carolyn Hax: Am I the bathroom jerk, or is it my husband?

DEAR CAROLYN: Husband, wife, and wife’s dad live together. Wife is in the bathroom, naked, getting ready for work this morning. Husband asks politely to

Miss Manners: I’m highly educated, but I don’t get their references

DEAR MISS MANNERS: Somewhere in the midst of my extended education, I have significant knowledge gaps — gaps that no one else seems to have.

Are you and your home ready to take in a new dog?

As soon as I sized up the situation, I knew what to do. Someone had once done the same for me. I got a confirming

Ask Carolyn Hax: I’m staring into the void of life after layoff

DEAR CAROLYN: I’m 49 and probably about to be unemployed because of job elimination. Not struggling financially, thank goodness, but feeling anxious and depressed, sort

Ask Carolyn Hax: He didn’t want me to get pregnant, and now I’m ashamed

DEAR CAROLYN: I just found out I’m pregnant and I’m not happy about it. Quick backstory: I’m about to turn 40 and recently married my

Ask Carolyn Hax: They’re so snarky about this thing that causes me pain

DEAR CAROLYN: I’m single, educated, retired, own a beautiful home in a unique location, am involved in creative pursuits, and travel quite a lot. What

2019 SF Bay Area summer day camps for kids

Looking for something fun and educational to occupy your children this summer? Here are 31 possibilities around the San Francisco Bay Area. Ace Summer Camp:

Travel Troubleshooter:  A missing Asiana flight — and a missing refund

DEAR TRAVEL TROUBLESHOOTER: I recently booked four round-trip tickets to the Philippines through Expedia. A short while later, I received a message from Expedia saying

Ask Carolyn Hax: Picking of grandparent nicknames has offended my husband

DEAR CAROLYN: We’re expecting our first baby (yay!). In my family, a much-anticipated rite of passage for new grandparents is to decide what they will

Miss Manners: He says he’s compassionate, I say he’s a creep

GENTLE READERS: Quick: What is your immediate association with the word “inappropriate”? Judith Martin  Criminal sexual activity, right? And before that, it was being used

Miss Manners: We want to see them, but they’re bringing Lucy

DEAR MISS MANNERS: When we moved across the country, we invited a couple we knew on the West Coast to visit us as guests in

Ask Amy: Every time I catch him, he says he’s been hacked

DEAR AMY: I’ve recently caught my husband of two years (father of our two sons) cheating. This is the fourth time I’ve caught him. The

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