So You Bombed: How to Move on After a Bad Presentation at Work

Have you ever had a horribly embarrassing public speaking experience? Were you mortified when you went blank in your high school French class when asked about

So You Made a Mistake at Work. Here’s How to Fix It.

We all make mistakes. It’s inevitable. But owning up to a blunder at work isn’t always easy. “I think it’s hard because to admit that

14 Things You Should Never Say to an Interviewer

Who among us hasn’t had the experience: You walk into an interview for a job you really want, sit down in a chair, and immediately

4 Reasons Why You Should Talk to Your Coworkers About Your Salaries

Talk openly about your salary? I know what you’re thinking. Many personal finance topics have long been taboo, and salary is definitely near the top

So You Didn’t Get the Job — but Every Failure Has a Silver Lining

Article by Gemma Hartley Over the past month, I interviewed three times for a job I was sure I would get. It felt, from the moment

12 Career Fair Tips to Help You Land the Job in 2019

Career fairs offer an unparalleled opportunity to network with a variety of businesses and can help you get your foot in the doors of top

Single-Mom CEO? 8 Tips for Navigating the Challenges

I started my New York City staffing agency six years ago, when my daughters were 2, 4, and 6 years old. It made sense to

What Your Next Road Trip Can Teach You About Leadership

Whether you already hold a leadership role or are working toward one, you’re likely looking for opportunities to improve your leadership skills. Believe it or not,

8 Tips to Help You Make a Career Change at Any Age

Starting fresh in a new industry is a challenge for many people for a variety of reasons — including, of course, the fact that switching

Too Many Passions? 9 Ways to Determine Which One Should Be Your Career

Article by YEC It can be difficult to find your way when you have a million interests tugging at your soul. They all seem like

The 12 Best Side Gigs for People Who Love Pets

Those of us who wish we could spend more of our days with animals are in luck: Today, there are plenty of viable pet-related occupations in which

Whose Opinion Matters Most in the Interview? Yours.

You’ve clearly identified the type of company you’d love to work for, the kinds of projects you’d like to be involved with, and the impact you’d

How to Address a Past Drug- or Alcohol-Related Conviction in a Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview can be even more stressful than it normally is when you have a conviction on your record, a reality that

Your Shot: Finding a Career When You’re Young (Or Not), Scrappy, and Hungry

Sitting in a Broadway theater watching the amazing Hamilton, I noticed a catchy line sung by our eponymous hero: “I’m young, scrappy, and hungry, and I’m

How to Plan a Budget as a Side Hustler

If you’re an established professional with a full-time job but you’ve got that entrepreneurial itch, you may have considered (or started) a side hustle that

In Fiverr We Trust? Why Freelancers Should Beware of Relying Too Heavily on a Single Marketplace

Imagine that, one day, you wake up to find the freelance platform you rely on to make a living has simply disappeared. Your work history,

5 Reasons to Have a Separate Bank Account for Your Side Hustle

If you can’t cut any more expenses from your budget but you’re still falling short of your financial goals, it’s time to make more money.

8 Things to Accomplish During Your Company’s Summer Slowdown

After months of navigating the hard slog, it can be tempting to kick back and coast when your workload wanes during the inevitable summer slowdown.

Purposes Don’t Have to Be Lofty: 4 Ways to Discover Your Calling

Over the past 20 years, I have interviewed thousands of incredibly successful individuals — their success being why I, as a headhunter, was talking to them in

What You Really Want: How to Test-Drive Your Passion

When I was growing up, the world wasn’t as rife with career advice as it is today. Back then, it really amounted to this: Get a

Science Says Do These 12 Things to Survive Your Toxic Workplace

With the World Health Organization now recognizing burnout as an official medical diagnosis, there’s no longer any excuse for working professionals not to take the issue seriously.

The Unlimited PTO Policy Conundrum: How Much Vacation Should You Take When You Can Take All the Vacation You Want?

Just joined a company that boasts an unlimited PTO policy? It’s likely that such freedom and flexibility were major draws at first. But now that

Telephone vs. In-Person Interviews: Advantages and Disadvantages

Hiring managers are often able to tell from the very first moments of an interview whether a candidate is the best person for the position.

How to Start a Side Hustle Without Making Your Boss Angry

Whether you’re interested in earning more money, gaining valuable job experience, or pursuing a passion, starting a side hustle can be a great way to

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