Building Relationships With Recruiters On LinkedIn

The most effective way of getting noticed by recruiters is by approaching them. This is a strategy that is essential for every jobseeker out there, especially considering that today more than ever networking is the best – and easiest way to get hired. LinkedIn has an important role to play in your job search and networking efforts as it helps you connect with employers across the globe who may even be thousands of miles away from you.

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But connecting with employers on LinkedIn is very different to keeping in touch with them and most jobseekers don’t know that. Instead of connecting purposefully with recruiters, they just send out a generic connection request, and they expect that they will be considered for the next job opportunity. While that is another way to practice wishful thinking, I have to say it isn’t very effective.

If you want recruiters to consider you next time they post a job, then you have to make them like you. Here are some ways you can build relationships with recruiters on LinkedIn:

#1 Make it Easy for Them

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Create a complete profile that has a career summary and makes proper use of keywords. This should help recruiters scan through your LinkedIn profile easier in search for those qualities that make you the best candidate for the job. Simply put you have to make your profile readable and more recruiter-friendly the same way you would do for your resume. Make use of bullet points instead of long paragraphs and focus on what is important; talk about your story, skills, experience and achievements.

#2 Take it Slow

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You can’t expect to be liked by a recruiter if all you are doing is talking about how much you want a job. To avoid messing things up, the first thing you need to do is create a working relationship. Before you start talking about your awesome skills and promoting yourself, make sure that you establish some sort of connection. When recruiters choose to connect with you, send them a thank you note and explain how you can be of service.

For example, offer them access to your professional network, show what you know about the company or even talk about things they’ve done well, and lastly let them know that you can help them fill a position by suggesting referrals. After that, it will be much easier for you to express your interest in a job.

#3 Set Reminders to Follow Up

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When you are so busy living your life and doing whatever needs to be done every day, it becomes difficult for you to stay connected with your LinkedIn connections. But then again that’s why the Reminder tool exists and it’s there to tell you when you should get back on track. This reminder helps you stay in touch with your network contacts and urges you to follow up. You can set a reminder to follow up with recruiters you know are attending an event near you or to remind yourself to send specific information that you think they will benefit from.

#4 Keep the Fire Alive

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Sometimes what you need to do to stay present – on LinkedIn and on employers’ minds, is to be a good follower. I am not talking about stalking every employee who works at the company you want to work for, but simply wishing them congratulations on their work anniversary or wishing them Happy Birthday once a year. This shows that you care about what they are doing, and you are more likely to get a referral. Share posts that talk about the specific employer, and give your honest, positive opinion about the things they are currently working on. At the same time, get involved in group discussions with likes/comments and let them see you everywhere.

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Working on improving the relationship you have with recruiters on LinkedIn isn’t as difficult as it sounds and only takes a few minutes of your time every day. So why not invest in your networking skills and make recruiters come to you for help instead of the other way around?

Are you doing any of these things? Let me know how they have helped you in your job search in the comments section below…;