8 Foods You Should Ditch Now To De-Bloat By This Weekend

8 Foods You Should Ditch Now To De-Bloat By This Weekend

Unless you’re training for a race or do high-intensity interval training, like indoor cycling and boot camp classes, several times a week, cut your daily carb intake to 1 or 2 servings of starchy foods per day, says Brooke Alpert, RD. That’s about one slice of bread and a half-cup of rice, she says. You can also try swapping your AM oatmeal for a smoothie and reducing the amount of processed carbohydrates, like bagels, cereal, chips, and pasta, you eat.

“Your muscles store a type of carbohydrate called glycogen as a back-up energy source,” says Alpert. And every gram of glycogen is stored with roughly 3 grams of water, making you feel puffy.

With less carbs, your body will access the stored fuel in you muscle, burn it off, and drain excess stored fluids, says Alpert.

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Published at Tue, 29 Nov 2016 21:45:42 +0000

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