6 Reasons Texting Is Ruining Your Relationships

Just Be With Each Other

Just <em>Be</em> With Each Other

Texting is one of the trickiest double-edged swords of our time. One one hand, it’s a convenient way to let someone know directions to a party or what your plans are for the evening.

On the other hand, it’s a quick way to have someone misconstrue what you are trying to say. It allows us communicate with someone 24/7 without having any genuine connection with them.

1. A sarcastic comment can come off as rude.

<b>A sarcastic comment can come off as rude.</b>

No, there is no such thing as “sarcastic font,” so a dry sense of humor can very easily be read as a rude comment, even if the person receiving the text knows the other person well. Now suddenly there’s a text fight, and every little thing you send in the heat of the moment is forever in the text thread. Prepare for what you sent to get screenshot and sent to someone else.

2. It creates an awkward power struggle.

<b>It creates an awkward power struggle.</b>

When it comes to dating, there are already enough rules that who texts the other person first and who ignores the last text should not have to be one of them. “Is it okay to text him? What if he ignores me? What if I ignore his last text? Then I have all the power, right?” and then “What if I text her to ask her out and she never responds? Why did she ignore my last text asking what she did today?” This is not a healthy way to start a relationship. Pick up the phone and call so you can have an actual conversation about going out that won’t take hours, since apparently texting someone back right away is considered being needy.

3. You end up making up a bad lie for why you never responded to a text.

<b>You end up making up a bad lie for why you never responded to a text.</b>

“Oh, I never got it.” or “I hardly looked at my phone all day!” Lies. Really bad ones, actually. If you’re hanging out with someone who is constantly glued to their phone, and then he or she doesn’t respond to your text, then you know you got ignored. Sure, there are times you get a text and are unable to respond right away. However, when the chance comes to respond, you are expected to respond. This also leads to the next point:

4. It creates a very frustrating expectation of always having to be available to respond to a text.

<b>It creates a very frustrating expectation of <i>always</i> having to be available to respond to a text.</b>

Most of the time, unless your boss isn’t around or doesn’t care, you are expected to be working while you are at work. So if a friend with a night job is texting you while you are at your day job and can’t respond right away, suddenly you get: “??” or “HELLO?” which is extremely irritating. Or there are perhaps times when you simply don’t want to text. That should not be the cause for unnecessary drama.

5. You can’t hear each other’s voices.

<b>You can't hear each other's voices.</b>

Asking a loved one how their day went via text doesn’t actually qualify as making a connection with him or her. If you can’t hear the inflection in someone’s voice as he or she tells you about their day, you don’t actually know how they feel about it. On that same note, reading an “LOL” is not the same as hearing him or her laugh. When we try to have entire conversations via text, we miss out on having a genuine human connection.

6. You aren’t present when you are with your family or friends.

<b>You aren't <i>present</i> when you are with your family or friends.</b>

Have you ever noticed when you go out just how many groups of friends are on their phones while “hanging out” with each other? When you go out to dinner with your family, are all your cell phones on the table?Nothing is more rude than stopping mid-conversation to text back someone.

Unless it is an emergency, in which case that person should be calling you, then you should be paying attention to the real-life person who is trying to connect with you.

Texting may seem like a great way of constantly keeping in touch with your friends and family, but it is a deceptively superficial means of communication. Our generation seems to find it perfectly okay to fight via text, but you are just texting words to each other and not having a conversation.

Oftentimes, you can end up saying something via text that you would never actually say if the person was sitting right across from you and you could see their facial reactions and their body language.

So, try something new (actually, it’s pretty old-fashioned): Pick up the phone and call, or do something even more shocking – have a conversation in person.

No cellphones allowed!

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